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  • “LifeDojo is evidence-based, going beyond participation rates to improve employee health behavior in a way that lasts”

    Dodi Kelleher, DMH, Fortune 500 Wellness Leader

  • “We decided to go with LifeDojo because they were science-based. After the first program, we were thrilled with the results”

    Danielle Colayco, Director of Health Outcomes

  • "Before the program I was in a lot of pain, and spent countless hours lying down. Four months later, I am active with my kids; I've joined a gym; and I'm finally feeling good again!"

    Nancy Gutierrez, Employee

  • Dodi Kelleher

    Dodi Kelleher

    Executive Advisor

  • Danielle Colayco

    Danielle Colayco, PharmD, MS

    Benefits Leader

  • Nancy Gutierrez

    Nancy Gutierrez


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An online platform

Every employee is different. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees, tapping into the health motivations, preferences and challenges of every person requires a unique online solution. With mobile, desktop, tablet and offline guidance every step of the way, both employees and benefits leaders have what they need to scale success.

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Behavioral coaching

Creating healthy habits or dropping unhealthy ones is not easy. Our behavior specialist coaches are an integral part of every 12 week program, to give employees the encouragement, guidance and advice they need to succeed. Every specialist is certified in clinically-proven techniques, so you know your employees are getting quality, personalized support.

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"Having support from my coach always encouraged me to keep it up. It was truly motivating" Cristina | Employee |

Seamless Implementation

Benefits leaders should spend their time helping employees improve their health, not wrestling with technology issues and juggling multiple vendors. From full pre-launch support to providing a full suite of physical and mental health programs, our platform and success team make launching a comprehensive wellbeing solution seamless.

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A trusted long term wellbeing partner.

Healthy, happy employees are central to your business goals. Decades of behavior science research and evidence-based testing have proven one undeniable reality: It’s incredibly hard to have an impact on employee health. It takes a lot of commitment and time for anyone to truly change their health lifestyle--to actually change their everyday habits and routines.

LifeDojo was created from a drive to translate what has really worked in hundreds of on-the-ground programs to the needs of enterprise businesses. We do not take the health and productivity of your employees lightly, and we have built a research-driven wellbeing platform to make sure they have the tools and personalized support they need. We build relationships with leaders who are focused on long term habit change success.

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