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  • “LifeDojo is evidence-based, going beyond participation rates to improve employee health behavior in a way that lasts”

    Dodi Kelleher, DMH, Fortune 500 Health Benefits Leader

  • “We decided to go with LifeDojo because they were science-based. After the first program, we were thrilled with the results”

    Danielle Colayco, Director of Health Outcomes

  • "Before LifeDojo I was in a lot of pain, and spent countless hours lying down. Four months later, I am active with my kids; I've joined a gym; and I'm finally feeling good again!"

    Nancy Gutierrez, Employee

  • Dodi Kelleher

    Dodi Kelleher

    Benefits Leader

  • Danielle Colayco

    Danielle Colayco, PharmD, MS

    Benefits Leader

  • Nancy Gutierrez

    Nancy Gutierrez


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An online platform

Every employee is different. Whether you have 100 or 100,000 employees, tapping into their individual motivations, preferences and challenges requires a unique solution. Offering mobile, desktop and tablet, LifeDojo ensures support at every step of the way. Our online solution offers both an affordable and easily accessible way for both employees and benefits leaders to have the tools needed for success.

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A Trusted Health Guide

Creating healthy behaviors or eliminating unhealthy ones is not easy. Our Behavior Change Specialist Health Guides both coach employees on the healthy habit they choose to work on, while also directing the employee to the right clinical care, at the right time, based on the health challenges they are facing. Whether employees are struggling with Diabetes or Depression, or simply want to learn to become a regular at the Yoga studio, LifeDojo’s health guide is there for them to find the right solution.

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"Having support from my coach always encouraged me to keep it up. It was truly motivating" Cristina | Employee |

Seamless Implementation

Benefits leaders want to spend their time helping employees improve their health, not wrestling with technology issues and juggling multiple vendors. From full pre-launch support to providing a full suite of physical and mental health programs both directly or through vendor partners, our platform and Customer Success team take the burden of launching a comprehensive behavior change platform solution off the shoulders of the employer. A dedicated Customer Success Account Manager becomes an integral part of the Benefits team and oversees every element of the program from start to finish.

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A trusted long term partner.

Employer health benefits are severely under-utilized. Whether it is 3% EAP utilization, or the latest Diabetes Prevention Program app that nobody is enrolling in, or the fitness center that remains empty, driving employees to engage in health behavior change is extremely difficult. Decades of behavior science research and evidence-based testing in the public health arena have proven one undeniable reality: It’s incredibly hard to have an impact on employee health, but there is a way to softly onramp employees to start creating incremental changes in their life before tackling the big ones. LifeDojo translates what has been proven to work in hundreds of on-the-ground programs to the business environment. We are serious about behavior change and we have built a research-driven platform to provide employees with the tools and personalized support they need to create sustained changes in their lives. We build relationships across the organization and community to address the hurdles and clear the path towards success.

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