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Getting Employees to Care

Rewarding employees for participation is not enough - we all need genuine reasons to care about our own health. On the LifeDojo platform, the first two weeks of every program are devoted to motivation - using animated videos, story, and science to prepare employees for real behavior change.

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Freedom of Choice

Telling a person what to do rarely works - yet most wellness programs try a one-size-fits-all approach. LifeDojo's technology gives employees the freedom to choose what activities they want to do and how - while making sure the choices line up with research on what works.

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The Support They Need

Habit change is hard - and without support from real people, chances of success are slim. We partner with your company to offer live coaching on the platform - both LifeDojo coaches, and your own internal champions.

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Create a Culture of Wellness

There are truly thousands of small elements in your work environment that influence how employees behave when it comes to health & wellness. LifeDojo works with your leadership team to discover small changes in the office that lead to a big impact on the ROI that matter.

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Transformative Wellness

19 out of 20 New Year's resolutions fail within three weeks. American employers are facing an epidemic of obesity, stress, heart disease and low morale - not because people don't try - but because change is hard.

Download our Transformative Wellness white paper to learn how to avoid the "wellness is easy" mistake, and learn practical strategies and tactics on how to offer evidence-based programs that actually work.

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