Inspire (don't pester) employees to change with powerful stories

By LifeDojo Team Dec 15, 2016 6:10:00 AM



Employers have the best intentions. Mustering gusto and brave determination, they ll the company newsletter with upbeat descriptions of the latest opportunities awaiting staff: health screenings, tness challenges, leadership seminars and development workshops. Every time they think: This is it; this will be the one.

And maybe it is.

Maybe one week an event gets record turnout. But try to get a group of employees to show up for one of these things week after week and— alright, let’s be real: it’s about as easy as getting everyone to agree on a lunch spot or a Pandora station.

We're happy to say there's a surprisingly effective solution, one so deeply ingrained in our culture and psyche, you can hardly call it the answer to the problem, and yet it is. It's not magic - it's storytelling. Scientists have long been clued in to the fact that when we hear an engaging story, our neurochemistry actually changes. Consequently, so does our behavior. It’s time for employers everywhere to benefit from this neurochemical magic.

In this whitepaper, learn how and why storytelling is so important - and how some employers are successfully harnessing its power to create healthier and more competitive workplace cultures today.

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