What is LifeDojo?

LifeDojo is an employee wellbeing platform that combines 1:1 coaching with on-going habit building programs to ensure your wellbeing initiatives work for all employees. LifeDojo helps companies engage their entire workforce, sustain long-term behavior change and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Employee-designed Wellbeing

  • Evidence-based programs, personalized to every employee–designed to address physical, financial or mental health goals.
  • 32 different habits to choose from within our Resilience, Stress Management, Healthy Eating and Fit for Life programs.
  • Employees select their own coach and can focus on a new habit every 12 weeks or continue to build on an existing habit throughout the year.

More reasons you'll love LifeDojo

  • 24/7 access to coaching, globally
  • Accessible through desktop, mobile or tablet device
  • Save ~ $167,500 in healthcare costs for every 500 employees
  • 74% of participants complete their program

  • “LifeDojo is evidence-based, going beyond participation rates to focus on changing employee health behavior in a way that lasts long after the 12 weeks are done.”

    Dodi Kelleher, DMH, Fortune 500 Wellness Leader

  • "When LifeDojo started, suddenly you saw gallons of water on people's desks and health became a regular topic of conversation. People were taking it seriously, and making real changes."

    Julie Anderson, Department Head

  • "We founded LifeDojo to take the best of what has been proven to work in evidence-based public health and bring it online so the average company can finally afford health behavior change programs that work. The results have been incredible."

    Chris Cutter, CEO at LifeDojo

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    Dodi Kelleher

    Executive Advisor

  • index-testimonials-client-4.png

    Julie Anderson

    Department Head, Komoto Healthcare

  • index-testimonials-client-3.png

    Chris Cutter

    Chief Executive Officer

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